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January 31 2018



Y'all gotta watch what you say to kids and in front of kids. I was working with some young black kids today and one of the girls asked me why I had my hair natural. I told her I’m just taking a break from weaves and braids and all that and she said oh girl no we too dark to have our nappy hair out like that. She was 9. She said she doesn’t leave her house without it flat ironed because people will think she’s broke and ugly. This is also the same girl that last summer told me that we needed to go inside out of the sun because boys don’t like girls with dark skin. Little kids don’t come up with this stuff themselves, they hear their parents or other people talk about things and internalize the self hate or will tell these hurtful untrue things to their darker peers.

So sad

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I groom one of these guys every week and he’s quite possibly the love of my life. We play a game called “brush, brush, kiss” because as long as I say “brushbrushbrushbrushbrush” he’ll stand nicely, but the second he gets impatient or I need a break I say “KISS” and he explodes into a ball of joy and kisses my entire face and anywhere else he can reach. It’s the best part of my week sometimes!

Well this is the best possible comment on any photo ever.

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I think Bo Burnham put it best

(From God’s Perspective (x))


do you ever just…….. literally sigh of relief just because someone tells you they dont hate you?

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a jewish kid was murdered by a nazi last week in california and almost none of the articles about it are mentioning that he was jewish or that his murderer was a nazi

he was taken into the woods by someone he thought was a friend and killed. hits pretty close to home bc multiple relatives of mine, including my great-great-grandfather, were taken into the woods by their own neighbors and killed during the holocaust

Jewish and openly gay. This article is the most frank about it that i’ve seen.

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Ig: Kieraplease 🌈🌹




Everyone’s Abuse Is Valid Except For Mine: a novel by me

Everyone’s Mental Illnesses And Hangups Are Valid Except For Mine: the sequel

Everyone’s Chronic Illnesses and/or Other Physical Disabilities Are Valid Except For Mine: the spinoff

Everyone is Good and Beautiful and Worthy of Forgiveness Except Me, the Irredeemable Monster: Seasons 1-9

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Just wanted to share this coming out story from a guy I saw on First Dates. He came out to his dad when he was 20, and then his mum when he was 21, after trying very hard to hide that part of himself and never really discussing anything like that in their household. Hearing his mother’s response after he explained all that was really gratifying. To all Muslim LGBT+ people, As-Salaam-Alaikum <3

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[Image description - Images of the queer, asexual, intersex, aromantic, nonbinary, bi and genderqueer pride flags with the text: FUCK OFF EXCLUSIONISTS. End description.]

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Completely amazing hairy bush viper (Atheris hispida). Credit: Mark Kostich

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This is graphic but VERY important. I’m MF TIED of pro lifers who cannot see further than the end of their nose

Whoever put this thank you people need to understand

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Tweet via Steve Marmel reads:

Ignore all polls.
Get a friend to register.
Get a non voter to promise to vote.
Stay in touch.
Get all your IDs in order.
Re-check all your registrations close to Election Day.
Plan your day around this vote.
Vote in packs.
We have ONE SHOT.
311 days.

Don’t wait to find out the last day you can register: REGISTER NOW, if you haven’t already. Beat the rush!

oh, that’s oddly relevant for me

REGISTER BEFORE JANUARY ENDS! You don’t know how important it is!

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someone: but you had such a good day why are you sad now
me: beep beep the depression train stops for no one

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