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October 05 2017

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Comedian Josh Johnson #BlackPride

This made me so happy, one time for the teachers who see your potential before you do!

This is so cute




hope your pets stay healthy in 2017

I almost didn’t blog this and felt guilty

Not risking it


guys listen

mermaids would have to be dark-skinned and chubby to survive in the ocean 

water isnt a great means of protecting oneself from the sun
theyd have to be very dark if they were shallow mermaids and they didnt want to be constantly sunburnt
and they may be paler if they lived deeper in the water but theyd have to be buff and/or chubby as hell to resist the water pressure and cold of the deep sea

what im saying is pale-ass white skinny mermaids are just unrealistic






theres a new product by verzion called “hum” that allows your parents to track your car and places you go, if your parents are controlling like mine please check under your steering wheel to make sure that they havent installed this

here is what it looks like installed:

you can read more about it here, and here- this excerpt sums up what information Hum will send: 

“a car’s owner will be able to get notified on their phone when the vehicle leaves a pre-determined area or drives faster than a set speed… [Hum] will enable location tracking and a driving log, which measures travel times, engine idle times, and average speeds.” 

People in abusive relationships, please check your cars.


October 04 2017

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Countdown to Season 7 - Day 7: Favourite Quote/s → Valar Morghulis


a little survey: reblog if you just need a hug right now


can you just run your fingers through my hair until i fall asleep pls ok thanks

October 03 2017


this is such a weird pet peeve but i get annoyed when people say that children get their hogwarts letters on their eleventh birthdays…

like when i read the books i always read it as they got their letters during the summer before they were due to start hogwarts, so they may have been ten or eleven 

in later books the kids receive their reading list during the summer, so it makes sense that the acceptance letters would come around the same time

and harry got his letter on his birthday, but they had been trying to send him letters long before that, and his birthday is like a month before term starts so it makes sense

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waverly + being cute as hell


I know that words on the internet do very little in the face of violence but my heart still goes out to everyone affected by what happened in Las Vegas. I also know that many of you want to take action to help those affected, and I applaud each and every one of you, so here’s some things you can do right now:

1) Donate Blood - Even if you’re nowhere near Las Vegas please consider making a donation. Not only is there a serious need now but blood is needed 24/7 around the world. And many times the donation location will reward you with things like free movie tickets!

2) Volunteer - When tragedies like this happen it’s more important than ever to lend a hand. Websites like volunteermatch.org can point you in the right direction or you can simply reach out to people you know to see if they need some extra help today. Even if you aren’t directly impacted you may know someone that is.

3) Donate Money - BE CAUTIOUS! It’s sad to say but there are always opportunists that will create fraudulent fundraisers in order to profit from tragedy. But if you do want to donate money look for smaller local charities in the Las Vegas area that are equipped to put help where it’s needed. There are also organizations like the National Compassion Fund which sends your donations directly to the victims.

All-in-all, just keep spreading the goodwill. In times like these it’s easy to fall into despair or rage, even if those emotions are perfectly valid. Just keep the light alive, no matter the dark.

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the fact that this was written two years ago and it’s still relevant… what does that tell you?

I’ve been saying this for years but guys

Sandy Hook. 

Sandy Hook was the Nightmare Scenario. It was the “that’s not realistic.” If I’d been arguing with someone who was anti gun control and I said “someone could take a gun and go into a school and kill thirty kindergartners in just a couple of minutes, how would you feel then,” they would have said I was exaggerating, that’s manipulative and unrealistic. 

but that’s what happened. 

and the thing is

if thirty dead, white, upper middle-class kindergartners in Connecticut aren’t going to motivate change on gun control

then they’re never going to change for queer people in Florida, and they’re not going to change for music fans in sin city, and they’re not going to change for college students in Washington and Oregon, and they’re not going to change and they’re not going to change. 

A white man can buy 19 automatic weapons and no one is going to raise an eyebrow. And then afterwards they’ll send thoughts and prayers. 

October 01 2017


As a whitey i can tell you you cant “accidentally” say the N word. Ive known how bad it was since i was a kid. If you are mad and that word comes to your lips its because its a part of you. Your anger is stronger than your fear of commiting horribly racist acts, which makes you hella racist

September 27 2017


maybe the reason i can’t sleep is because there are enemies nearby

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Frame this


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September 09 2017

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So Delta flight 302 flew in to San Juan, picked up passengers, and threaded one arm of Irma on the way out. The pilot basically said “hold my beer” and took on a hurricane.

I am not entirely convinced that Poe Dameron was not flying this plane, to be honest.

You can read the Twitter thread here.

Everything about that story was amazing. Delta probably set a record for the turnaround too.

“And if the passengers would look out of the starboard window, they will see A MOTHERFUCKING HURRICANE. ALSO A HURRICANE TO PORT AS WELL.”

My dude landed and took off in less than an hour and squeezed between the arm of the hurricane and the core:

not to mention that the northwest quarter of a hurricane has the highest wind speed and most dangerous weather and they still did it


@ all clothing store employees im so sorry im so bad at folding i just wanted to look at it





I’ve just come to the realisation that Hermione Granger probably memory charmed her parents and packed them off to Australia long before she told Harry and Ron she’d done it at the beginning of Deathly Hallows.

She literally never goes home from Goblet of Fire onwards, spending her summers with the boys instead. In GoF she’s remarkably blase about her teeth, something her dentist parents would have noticed and felt hurt about. 

If I were to guess, I’d say she probably did it after the wizarding world cup when she’d seen exactly how the wizarding world treats muggles and decided not to let that happen to her folks. Hermione knows which way the wind is blowing and gets in early. She’d be more than capable of doing it. 

…Oh my God.

hermione is fucking ruthless and i will fight anyone who tells me otherwise

that was her “negative” gryffindor trait

was she incredibly brave and courageous and loyal? yes

but she was also vicious and violent and trapped a woman as a beetle in a jar for over a year because she pissed her off

hermione granger looked at the world, and looked at her magic, and looked at everyone else’s magic, and seemed to come to the conclusion that reality had better shut the fuck up and behave itself or she’d make it

of all the kids, i think she’s dumbledore’s successor, not harry. 





The governor just stated if you can’t get out of any mandatory evacuation, whether for fuel or any reason at all, call 1-800-955-5504, right now! The’ll help if you don’t have money, if you have pets, etc. They want you to call NOW because there is time to help you.

(I guess signal boosting this is an upside to being subjected to the weather channel while living utterly landlocked.)


Tolls have been suspended. Real-time traffic information and evacuation routes is available at www.FL511.com

Miami-Dade has buses set up to help evacuate those with special needs, and Broward County has buses on standby.

A list of all open shelters will be available at www.floridadisaster.org/shelters.

The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) has released September SNAP benefits to current recipients who have not yet received them.

my sister in largo had no idea where to go or what to do until i sent her this post. if my followers could reblog this itd mean the world to me and help a lot of people

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