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October 31 2017

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back at it again with autumn pokémon…

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Happy October, y’all!

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October 30 2017

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Why Winona Ryder Doesn’t Regret Opening Up About Depression

Twenty years ago, mental health was a taboo topic. After all, opening up about mental illness is difficult enough for anyone, let alone an A-list actress launching a Hollywood career. Today, Ryder says she’s glad that she was so up front about depression and anxiety.

Gifs: PinnacleKS

October 29 2017




Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in your car to all the songs you used to listen to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good

this post keeps me going

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Just a heads up right now: on the day when Trump dies, I’m going to be extremely tasteless about it. It’s going to get ugly. You are going to see a side of me I am not proud of. I don’t want any call-outs in my inbox, I’m stating right now that lines will be crossed.

How disgusting can someone be

I wouldn’t even say this about my worst enemy

Forget the fact that its trump. If you agree with this youre fucking evil. Evil literally lives inside you. Wow.

Anyways all of y’all AND the evil that literally lives inside of you are invited to the sick ass house party I’m throwing when lord dampnut kicks the bucket

When our most hated Prime Minister of all time, Margaret Thatcher died we British had parades, bonfires and brought “Ding Dong the witch is dead” into the top tens.

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A few of my Amelia Shepherd text posts

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20 years… The best and most inclusive Cinderella ever. Iconic film. All star cast. Beautiful costumes. Masterpiece. This movie was such an inspiration for me as a child seeing a black princess and such a diverse cast. There were not many diverse films growing up in the US. This movie meant so much to me!

I hope you guys REALLY understood what you did for POC kids. My first Cinderella was black!

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Not fruit. Not salad. But it IS a bowl of Gushers.

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This is super terrifying. More than 30 people have already been killed, and many are missing. The world is facing tragedy after tragedy these days and it’s getting scarier by the minute 

October 28 2017

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Last weekend I did some competitive live painting, and ended up tying for first! It was such a rush! I loved every minute of it #artbattle


i wonder if the “and they were roommates” girl ever saw that vine

October 26 2017

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anyway this is the only theory I will accept now

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These are my favorite parents in any movie ever.

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sometimes i scroll through stephen king’s twitter and i’m never disappointed

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